Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Jon Myers added to SES Advisory Board

Today has been a great day for me and it is great to be announced as one of the latest members of the SES Global Advisory Board as the UK representative. It is an honour to be joining some of search marketing big names as the UK representative of the board and I am looking forward to working with them starting with SES London 2010 in a few weeks.

Here is the official press release announcing it:

Search Engine Strategies Appoints U.K. and German Representatives to SES Advisory Board

Jon Myers and Thomas Bindl to Join Other Search Marketing Luminaries in Identifying Cutting-edge Content for SES Conferences

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 2, 2010 -- Search Engine Strategies (SES), the leading global search engine marketing (SEM) conference and expo series, announced today that they have appointed two new members to the SES Advisory Board. Jon Myers, Head of Search/Associate Director for MediaVest Group Ltd., has been appointed as the U.K. representative for SES London, and Thomas Bindl, Founder and CEO for Refined Labs GmbH, has been appointed as the Germany representative for SES Berlin.

Myers and Bindl will join 15 other SEM luminaries and SES staff in identifying resources to address the industry’s latest issues and trends and professional development resources – all with the goal to ensure SES conference attendees receive the latest industry information and training.

“With the addition of Jon and Thomas, we ensure that our EU attendees will be exposed to the most up-to-date industry content in each country we’re currently invited to present SES,” said Mike Grehan, Vice President and Global Content Director for Incisive Media’s Interactive Marketing Group. “The board will grow with international representatives in tune with our global expansion plans.”

The full release can be found here:


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network Launches Today!

Just been talking to Dennis for Yahoo Analytics and he has sent me his latest post on the new Yahoo Analytics Consultants Network. He has very kindly let me republish his post below. From my perspective I think this is a great idea. I have worked with and know Dennis for years from his Indextools days and now Yahoo and putting this in place is a really strong move for Yahoo. having a network of accredited consultants is a great thing for businesses in the UK to use. on top of this the Yahoo Analytics package is one of the best out there.

Well done the guys down at Yahoo and here is the official post on the new consultants net work in Dennis Words:

Today, we are launching the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN) (please note that the link might not be active just yet).

I don’t know about you, but I personally think this is beyond exciting, and I am thrilled to see us take this (almost) final step towards full integration into Yahoo!

What is YWACN?

This is a network of third party companies with expertise in deriving insight from Web Analytics AND deploying Yahoo! Web Analytics in particular. The purpose of this network is amongst other things to help our clients get the best out of the tool - and hopefully also help us spread the gospel of YWA. It might even alleviate the stress on my personal in-box!

You are more than welcome to compare this in idea to the GAAC network - there, I’ve said it! :-)

Who are the Consultants?

A lot of the consultants are legacy IndexTools partners - and thus a bunch of folks who have years and years of experience in the actual technology, from before we turned purple. They are… drum roll please:

countquest.se, tribal-im.com, nordicemarketing.com, receptional.com, naviatech.fi, netvantagemarketing.com, e-dialog.at, Leads2Business.nl, milesbennett.co.uk, tricomb2b.com, sems.it, explido.de, booming.de, latitudegroup.com, emerite.cz, astrups.com, snowvalley.com, b-found.no, epsilonium.com, netprofiler.nl, acronym.com, networkintellect.com, coloradowebsolutions.com, contentmetrics.de, deducta.dk, eformation.de, e-interactive.es, eurorscg-riley.co.uk, engineready.com, inflow.dk, intellignos.com, onetomarket.nl, lbigroup.be, positive-thinking.co.uk, stonetemple.com, sundancemedia.ca, webcertain.com, studiocappello.it, zunch.com and creuna.dk.

We even added a few additional rock stars to that:

webanalyticsdemystified.com, semphonic.com, stratigent.com, sapient.com, purpleclick.com, thesedays.com, bitbang.it and insightr.com.

48 YWACN partners all in all - and you should be able to see (once the link is activated) a full list of YWACN partners on the YWA site. CALL them today, email them, tweet them .. heck, invite them out for dinner, they deserve it! (if you haven’t noticed, they are your new best friends)

Can I join?

Perhaps ;-) If you really excel in the field of web analytics and truly are one of those consultancies that help derive actionable insights from web analytics for your customers - we would love to hear from you. In return and as a Member of this exclusive, global professional network of Yahoo! Web Analytics consultants you will receive a number of benefits, this including:

* Yahoo! Web Analytics FREE account creation rights (This is sexy eh?)
* Listing on Yahoo!’s Consultant Network web page
* Potential client referrals from the Yahoo! Sales team
* Exclusive “Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network” icon for display on your website
* Premium levels of technical support and access to a partner portal
* Access to an exclusive YWACN forum to share ideas and technical tips with other top analysts worldwide
* Unique opportunities to work with Yahoo! to provide trainings, books and speaking engagements

Go have a look at the criteria for becoming a member of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network on the web site.

Cheers :-)
/ Dennis R. Mortensen (@dennismortensen)

Good luck mate and maybe I will make the list one day ;-)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Google Latitude Stunt

Now I know Google Latitude has been around for a little while now but I was sat here and happened to watch this video which is a pretty cool way of showing what can be done with the technology.

Mind you I have to say, who is going to want to use it to find out where your friends are? Why not just give them a call and ask them to meet you as we always have done or send them an email or text? The only thing I can think of is it means you can sneak up on them where ever they are and scary them or you can secretley keep an eye on where someone is, its a bit like having a locater beacon on you! Technology is a great thing but is this to far?