Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network Launches Today!

Just been talking to Dennis for Yahoo Analytics and he has sent me his latest post on the new Yahoo Analytics Consultants Network. He has very kindly let me republish his post below. From my perspective I think this is a great idea. I have worked with and know Dennis for years from his Indextools days and now Yahoo and putting this in place is a really strong move for Yahoo. having a network of accredited consultants is a great thing for businesses in the UK to use. on top of this the Yahoo Analytics package is one of the best out there.

Well done the guys down at Yahoo and here is the official post on the new consultants net work in Dennis Words:

Today, we are launching the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network (YWACN) (please note that the link might not be active just yet).

I don’t know about you, but I personally think this is beyond exciting, and I am thrilled to see us take this (almost) final step towards full integration into Yahoo!

What is YWACN?

This is a network of third party companies with expertise in deriving insight from Web Analytics AND deploying Yahoo! Web Analytics in particular. The purpose of this network is amongst other things to help our clients get the best out of the tool - and hopefully also help us spread the gospel of YWA. It might even alleviate the stress on my personal in-box!

You are more than welcome to compare this in idea to the GAAC network - there, I’ve said it! :-)

Who are the Consultants?

A lot of the consultants are legacy IndexTools partners - and thus a bunch of folks who have years and years of experience in the actual technology, from before we turned purple. They are… drum roll please:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

We even added a few additional rock stars to that:,,,,,, and

48 YWACN partners all in all - and you should be able to see (once the link is activated) a full list of YWACN partners on the YWA site. CALL them today, email them, tweet them .. heck, invite them out for dinner, they deserve it! (if you haven’t noticed, they are your new best friends)

Can I join?

Perhaps ;-) If you really excel in the field of web analytics and truly are one of those consultancies that help derive actionable insights from web analytics for your customers - we would love to hear from you. In return and as a Member of this exclusive, global professional network of Yahoo! Web Analytics consultants you will receive a number of benefits, this including:

* Yahoo! Web Analytics FREE account creation rights (This is sexy eh?)
* Listing on Yahoo!’s Consultant Network web page
* Potential client referrals from the Yahoo! Sales team
* Exclusive “Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network” icon for display on your website
* Premium levels of technical support and access to a partner portal
* Access to an exclusive YWACN forum to share ideas and technical tips with other top analysts worldwide
* Unique opportunities to work with Yahoo! to provide trainings, books and speaking engagements

Go have a look at the criteria for becoming a member of the Yahoo! Web Analytics Consultant Network on the web site.

Cheers :-)
/ Dennis R. Mortensen (@dennismortensen)

Good luck mate and maybe I will make the list one day ;-)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Google Latitude Stunt

Now I know Google Latitude has been around for a little while now but I was sat here and happened to watch this video which is a pretty cool way of showing what can be done with the technology.

Mind you I have to say, who is going to want to use it to find out where your friends are? Why not just give them a call and ask them to meet you as we always have done or send them an email or text? The only thing I can think of is it means you can sneak up on them where ever they are and scary them or you can secretley keep an eye on where someone is, its a bit like having a locater beacon on you! Technology is a great thing but is this to far?

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Jon Myers, MediaVest - Interview at SES London

It was good to be interviewed again by Byron Gordon from SEO PR this year at SES London. He asked me for my opinions after one of my Day 1 panels on "the state of search integration in the UK". Have a watch of the interview and I hope you agree with my thoughts on where the current Search Integration model is up to.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rhythm and SEO Combined - Jon Myers Interviews Michel Leconte of SEO Samba

Well it is that time of year again and SES London is upon us! The show is looking like a great one again and I am looking forward to a busy 3 days and 7 panels so hoping to see and chat to lots of you at the event.

I have been asked once again to do a pre event Q & A by the guys down at SEO-PR (thanks Byron!) and this year I have been lucky to get to interview Michel Leconte from SEO Samba to get his views on SEO, future developments and the SEO Samba tool itself!

I have asked him a series of 5 questions so enjoy and hope you all consider the tool as a great option to use. On top of this Michel has kindly offered a free trial!! It covers one website, and a one month of free access from the publishing date for one lucky reader of this post and you will find it after the Q & A…thanks SEO Samba!

1. Search engine marketing is a constantly developing and evolving practice. Is SEO Samba prepared for this and how do you plan to stay on the forefront of technological advances?

SEO Samba maximizes website's performance with search engines and other "free-to-play" digital marketing channels. It enables SEM firms and SEO experts to manage an unlimited number of organic search clients, projects and web sites from a single interface, and change SEO best practices across them all with a single click. From a conceptual standpoint, we propose that web marketers and professionals deploy and enforce best practices from a single point rather than manually coding these evolving best practices into each of these sites while hoping that end-users will not gradually undo these practices. So, yes, practices are evolving and developing, but SEO Samba's role is to facilitate execution and maintain best practices' integrity while letting expert users adapt their best practices to changes in algorithms.

From a product development standpoint, our mission is supported by our software-as-a-service architecture, a zero footprint technology (this means that web sites built with SEO Samba are W3C HTML-compliant and do not place any call back to our servers once uploaded to their published location), and two major effort areas.

Our objective as an organic search platform is to enable and promote cooperative efforts from end-users and SEO experts without the latter fearing a loss of clients to competitors also using the platform. We needed SEO Samba to segregate end-user pools from each other and be a complete, private-label solution for SEM firms. Hence, we provided an interface that can be branded in less than a minute, along with DNS routing so that the software can be accessed and served from our partners' domain of choice in complete confidentiality.

Now, for cooperation to happen, we also needed to remove competing interests from the picture, and we are doing this by aggregating data and providing it back to users under the form of proven, albeit optional, best practices.

Obviously, the system is flexible enough to allow for experts to pick, fine-tune and add their own best practices prior to making them available to a select pool of their clients as they see fit. By large, on that end, we're pursuing the old adage that a total can be greater than the sum of its parts. And as long as the platform can accommodate the evolution of search algorithms, and we are confident that it will, web marketers and SEO experts will be able to try different things and adapt their strategies as required.

In addition, SEO Samba provides an optimized distribution framework for information along with automation and alignment rules to make it very cost effective to successfully market through these "free," but crowded channels. Our R&D work consists of seamlessly integrating new distribution channels into the existing platform and proposing a set of proven best practices that are ready out-of-the-box upon launch. Lots of prioritization, research, and development and testing time go into this area.

For example, our first universal search module (provided free of charge) is a news module that provides a Google News-ready structure, news articles that are search optimized according to your chosen best practices, search friendly scrollers, automated RSS feeds creation, integrates with email newsletter platforms such as Constant Contact, Vertical Response etc. You can publish news across all your sites with a single click then aggregate news items across web sites to create unique newsletters and market to a cross segment of your email list, and finally save these newsletters with one click to any of your web sites. Each of our upcoming modules will provide the same level of details to ensure websites' visibility, while expanding the least time possible from a user, content writer, marketer and SEO experts' perspective.

As search algorithms evolve, so will the rules applied by the SEO experts using the platform and its associated modules. In the meantime, we'll be working in the background on behalf of SEM firms to make their clients more successful. Our team will focus on keeping existing and new SEO Samba modules functional from a search engine/technical requirement standpoint and increasingly leverage the community's knowledge and scale to the benefit of all.

2. What reactions have you had from clients using SEO Samba?

End-users are obviously ecstatic about their search engine rankings, but they do not usually fully grasp the extent of SEO Samba's capabilities until after they have been on the platform for a few months. On the other hand, SEO experts are usually convinced of the possibilities offered by the execution approach after seeing live demonstrations. Actually, the more questions, the more technical- and detail-oriented these questions are, the easier it is for us to explain our choices in building SEO Samba. When I had the chance to receive the visit from David Naylor at our U.S. launch at SES Chicago, he was understandably skeptical about our claims and had a barrage of both rather precise technical and conceptual questions ready for me. I was demonstrating the software and I only had to speak the first half of most answers for him to understand where I was going, and for him to shoot the next one at me. It was an enjoyable meeting for sure.

3. You say on your site that SEO Samba was created by search engine and search engine optimization veterans. What inspired you to create it?

I've provided SEO consulting services since 2001, from non-profits to Fortune companies, and I've observed a few things. SEO is sold by professionals as a process that requires an ongoing effort from web site owners. However, there's no life cycle management built into what SEO experts deliver. As a result, the execution is a hit-and-miss game that generates an awful lot of delays, frustration, and, ultimately, lost revenues for both client and experts. Furthermore, SEO is time consuming to research and test for experts, costly to execute by hand for end-users, and takes very little advantage from the scale of the SEO agency or its customer business size.

With an increasing number of applications built in the cloud, development of social networks, progressive deployment of custom and universal search, and a maturing SEO services marketplace, we thought the industry was ripe for a change towards higher value-added services, and that "smart SEOs," as Matt Cutts call them, would crave additional bandwidth to focus on strategy and business development, both for them and their clients. We invented the first organic search management platform to facilitate systemic execution of best practices, adoption of "free-to-play" marketing channels, and enable professionals to scale their practice through software instead of payroll.

4. What advice would you give to a small business planning on developing SEO activity from scratch?

You came to right place J. OK, seriously, the first step is to clarify what you are trying to sell and to whom. Make sure you get it right because everything else depends on it, and I have seen many small business owners enlightened by having to go through the SEO process. In fact, I think it should be very much part of the value proposition coming from SEO experts, as there's a chance that you're the closest thing to a marketing agency they have ever hired. An excellent resource for this that we feature in the SEO Bootcamp at SEO Samba is Pragmatic Marketing

5. Why should SEM or SEO firms considering using SEO Samba?

SEO firms need to adapt to the economic environment and differentiate their service offerings. A customer might not be able to tell which of two arcane SEO techniques is better, but most business people can make the difference between a method supported by an automated system that yields predictable results and a plain consulting engagement, even if backed with stellar experience. I think that's part of the reason why small businesses have reacted so well to the concept. Our direct SMB pricing is at $99/month/domain, so it is creating a new market of SEO-conscious businesses, a market where forward-looking SEM firms will be in prime position to grow in sophistication and profits.

On their side, SEM firms, through their branded interface of SEO Samba, complement their service mix with an offering that will win new business for them. Here, I'm talking about businesses with multiple site strategies, micro-sites, lead generation web sites, franchises, reputation management, and all sorts of small and medium businesses. Appropriately presented, we know already that an organic search management platform will tilt the balance in favor of one provider over another. In an increasingly competitive environment, I think this is welcome aid. Of course, SEO firms get a significant discount on the direct SMB pricing and are also free to bundle the platform with their own services and charge whatever they feel is appropriate through their private label interface.

Thanks for the Interview Michel and if you are interested to find out more visit or you can see Michel speak on his panel Organic Listings Forum” at SES London 2009 on Feb 18th at 5.45pm.

Now for the prize code! Only the first person to capture it under their account's finance tab at will be able to take advantage of it and the activation code is 9bd30d97760273333a36565e396a0bcd.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

a4uexpo Speaker Advisory Board Announced

Well it has been a while since I put anything on the blog apart form daily news feeds. But I wanted to PR the great work Matthew Wood has been doing with the A4UExpo and expanding it into Europe. To that degree he has formed a specialist speaker advisory board that will assist his team at a4uexpo with formulating the agenda for the a4uexpo Europe. An very kindly he has included me on it! (thanks Matt!)

You can see the official post here on a4uexpo but I have detailed it below as well. The board consists of thought leaders and experienced industry personalities who amongst them have many years of experience within the sector and experience and opinions on the challenges and opportunities that we face.

Members of the board currently include: