Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Google v Microsoft...the Road Wars

I Was reading a great post on gizmodo.com today which I though I had to share. On the blog they have gone on to compare the vehicles that Google and Microsoft are using and the performance that they will be both getting around town from an MPG stance.

Initially you sort of wonder what the concept is about but this is one of the hottest areas online at the moment with both of the parties really pushing hard to create the next online mapping technology.

A few years ago we were in awe at the launch of the satellite imagery on things such as Google maps. but now they have moved forward with areas such as Google Earth and then Virtual Earth from Microsoft and then pushing the boundaries into better quality higher resolution images and 'Mash Up' map overlays for buildings and monetisation opportunities for businesses on the maps.

The next area that both parties are looking more into the the 'Street View' concept. Google has already done some limited street view testing in 5 cities across the US but imagine taking it to the level of higher quality imagery, maybe video and having advertising options within this. And early runner in this concept can be seen at Everyscape.com.

Jon Myers....who are we???

Well I was having a play with a site called http://www.yournotme.com which is basically a website where you can find out how many other people with your name there are in the UK. It was great to see that there are only 6 of us....as in 'Jon Myers'.

There are 338 John Myers so that 'H' makes you a whole lot more common (no offense intended as we are all Jon Myers together!).

So I am thinking it would be good to try and find the other 5 Jon Myers here in the UK and try and see if they have blogs which means we could create a blogging group for Jon Myers named people. Watch this space and I will let you know how I am getting on.....THE SEARCH COMMENCES!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Yahoo One Search

I noticed the other day that Yahoo has started to push out commercials for the new yahoo Onesearch Mobile Platform. I think it looks really good and works very well but I guess the touch of irony is that i am posting it here for you to watch via Google's You Tube.

Come on Yahoo get the video package up to speed as well!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tunnel through the earth will Google

No I haven't lost it (well a few people I know may beg to differ!). Do you remember when you were a kid and you would be digging a big hole and someone usually a 'grown up' would say "if you carry on digging you will reach Australia"!

Well I always used to think what are you on about, the centre of the earth is full of liquid and you would never make it! But if you were able to negotiate the 4000 degree heat (thanks Wikipedia) you would not come out to far away according to Google.

As you can imagine I started my journey from Newcastle upon Tyne and you can see it here

Unfortunately it would have been a doomed trip as upon digging out the other side I would have come out on the bottom of the Southern Ocean around 1100km south of New Zealand so would have drowned or been lost at sea.

Real shame as I was starting to enjoy this expedition!

Have a go and see where you can dig to around the globe at Google My Maps

Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bourne Identity meets Google

At first you may ask what am I on about with the tile of this blog, but Universal Pictures and Google announced a new online game, The Ultimate Search for Bourne with Google. It is designed to promote the new ‘Bourne Ultimatum’ film and is designed for the player to use a suite of Google products such as Search, Maps, Images and of course YouTube.

The game will be promoted on Google via search results and customized iGoogle home pages. The film is released in the US on 3rd August, but don’t worry we don’t have to wait that long for the game! It is only 4 days away (16th July) and you can sign up at www.google.com/bourne from then

It will launch in seven countries and incorporates a sweepstakes element. Players will have to track rogue agent Jason Bourne across three continents and solve clues that bring them closer to uncovering Bourne's identity.

But here the best bit…the prizes! Top prize is a Volkswagen Touareg 2, Mastercard are awarding 15 daily $1000 gift cards, a $25,000 prize, 4 trips to New York, Paris, London, Madrid or Tangier and in my eyes best of all 10 Apple iPhones.

See you in there on the 16th I know I am going to be there.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Advertising search marketing the Microsoft way

Microsoft has started using the power of Soapbox video to advertising their search offering from Live Search. Historically search is not an easy thing to advertise and you could say there is no hip and trendy way to do it. But this is a dam good attempt from the Microsoft guys.

Video: Live Search commercial

I have to say mind, I don't have the version of Live Search that allows me to do a search on Live Search and find things around the house such as underwear. Is this in the new Vista? Can I get one of those please Microsoft?

Friday, July 06, 2007

Google Mapped not Google Maps!

Great link here to see the history of all Google products, it comes from a Google french blog but you can always use Google Translate Tool in the toolbar to get it into english!

Just click on each of the Google product icons to see the background on each one. For those who don't fancy navigating the map (its big!) you can get a list version as well

Nothing like a good interview

While I was down at the Online Marketing Show last week doing a speaking session we decided to set up a series of interviews with some of the main search providers in the industry which I was able to sign up on the day and get them in front of the dreaded video camera.

We have just published interviews with Richard Firminger - Yahoo, Mel Carson - Microsoft, Ajay Syal - Yell and Steve Miller - IAB to the Latitude Website and Youtube.

Google will follow shortly as it is still getting signed off by their legal team, but it will be added as soon as I have it.

I decided to ask in general only two questions to them all:

1. What is the next big thing in search marketing in the next 12 months?
2. How do you see search developing in the future over say the next 3 to 4 years?

What was interesting to here is that generally everyone had a different opinion! Obviously they had to talk about products from their own organisations (who wouldn't!) but when you listen to their concepts in makes for great insight and a lot of different opinions.

I have put the interview with Richard Firminger - Yahoo Regional Sales Director Northern Europe below. But I recommend going and having a look at them all. You can see them at:


Watch out for the Everyclick blue mouse putting in a guest appearance as well on the Yell.com interview. that mouse was everywhere for the whole 2 days at the show, you couldn't get away from him!