Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Google Partners Conference Interview

Was reading an article on Andy Beals Blog the other day which covers a video which was part of Google’s annual closed-doors partner conference. It is an interview with Sergey and Larry, hosted by journalist James Fallows who asks them some pretty direct and interesting questions.

The video which was posted on Youtube is just over 30 minutes long but is well worth a watch as it give some great insight.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Who wants to be a millionaire with Google?

I was at an event today and got shown this video on Youtube. I know it is a year old but I have never seen it and thought is was worth a blog. It is part of Australia's version of Millionaire where they go to Phone a Friend as they have no idea of the answer and are quite open to the fact his friend will have Google ready to look for the answer! (often wondered if people did that)

Host is adamant they should use MSN....see what happens for yourself but a very funny clip.

It was an easy find! Think they just used the wrong friend.


Friday, October 12, 2007

Youtube now on Google Earth

Was having a look on the Google LatLong blog today and thought this was a really cool idea. In some cases now on Google Earth you can play videos of what you are looking at. It seems like the obvious natural progression after we have had detailed pictures on there that are clickable for about a year now.

The video's will be geo-targeted across Google Earth meaning again that you could find any videos you may have done and tagged geographically or with a specific landmark name will start to appear to the masses of dedicated Google Earth users.

Great idea and as an online marketer I will be looking at ways to utilise this content opportunity!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Blog is Back!!

Well it has been 4 weeks now since I have had a live blog! I was living in a world of Redirect hell on my domain name and it has taken till now to sort it out (big thanks Dixon).

It's great to be back and I thought I would get straight back in with a quick news piece I noticed today which I felt made some interesting reading. Adsense Video Units from Google came to the market as a closed test earlier this year but it is now available on open release as of today. Google pitches it as:

"A new way to enrich your site with quality, relevant video content in an embedded, customizable player"

You can read about the full functions on the Google Adsense Blog and it looks like an interesting concept.

So I thought it would be correct to embed a video on it below ;0)