Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Wag at Internet World 2007 with a little Excite

Well we did it again last week at Internet World 2007 on Wednesday. After the success of Chinwag Lives PPC Earthquake event I was on the panel at few weeks back in london we gave it another go!

Same format and panel just a new audience and I have to say it seemed to work just as well if not better. All seats were taken and a lot of good questions asked.

The hour seemed to fly by and chatting with Mike and Sam from Chinwag after the event we were keen to do it again and make a regular occurrence of the format at shows. Mike fancied a European tour.

The day finished wit a few celebratory beers at the pub just down the road where all the chinwag crew attended.

I got talking to a couple of people from Excite one of my personal favourite search engines over the years and I promised that I would say on my blog as I did on the night (exite people thought I wouldn't!...but here you go guys) that I feel that the web based RSS reader functionality on the homepage of Excite is second to none out there!

Keep up the good work and long may it last Excite!

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