Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The £2 Billion is here!

Today I attend the IAB Conference at which the annual media spend figures were launched. It amazed me to hear that this has been run for 10 years now and in the first year 4 media owners supplied figures. This year 102 did!

Online has finally passed the £2 Billion mark in 2006. And it is great to see that Paid Search makes up 57.8% (£1.165 Billion) the second largest segment in the online area was Display at 22.8%.

Looking at this against 2005 which was around £1.4 billion online spending, it gives us a year on year growth of 41.2%. This is great and shows the shift in media spend with areas like TV dropping by 4.7% year on year and the whole industry only up by 1.1%. the market is being driven by Online and within that paid Search is the main driver.

Looking at the big picture of all media spend, Internet now has an 11.4% slice of the media pie in 2006 which is up from 7.8% in 2005.

More data on the numbers can be found at

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