Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tunnel through the earth will Google

No I haven't lost it (well a few people I know may beg to differ!). Do you remember when you were a kid and you would be digging a big hole and someone usually a 'grown up' would say "if you carry on digging you will reach Australia"!

Well I always used to think what are you on about, the centre of the earth is full of liquid and you would never make it! But if you were able to negotiate the 4000 degree heat (thanks Wikipedia) you would not come out to far away according to Google.

As you can imagine I started my journey from Newcastle upon Tyne and you can see it here

Unfortunately it would have been a doomed trip as upon digging out the other side I would have come out on the bottom of the Southern Ocean around 1100km south of New Zealand so would have drowned or been lost at sea.

Real shame as I was starting to enjoy this expedition!

Have a go and see where you can dig to around the globe at Google My Maps

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