Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Google v Microsoft...the Road Wars

I Was reading a great post on gizmodo.com today which I though I had to share. On the blog they have gone on to compare the vehicles that Google and Microsoft are using and the performance that they will be both getting around town from an MPG stance.

Initially you sort of wonder what the concept is about but this is one of the hottest areas online at the moment with both of the parties really pushing hard to create the next online mapping technology.

A few years ago we were in awe at the launch of the satellite imagery on things such as Google maps. but now they have moved forward with areas such as Google Earth and then Virtual Earth from Microsoft and then pushing the boundaries into better quality higher resolution images and 'Mash Up' map overlays for buildings and monetisation opportunities for businesses on the maps.

The next area that both parties are looking more into the the 'Street View' concept. Google has already done some limited street view testing in 5 cities across the US but imagine taking it to the level of higher quality imagery, maybe video and having advertising options within this. And early runner in this concept can be seen at Everyscape.com.

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  1. I just came across another mapping technology startup called MapJack.com which offer similar online service like that of Everyscape and Google's street-view.